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          脐带间充质干细胞( Umbilical cord Mesenchymal StemCells)是指存在于新生儿脐带组织中的一种多功能干细胞,它能分化成许多种组织细胞与成体干细胞相比,更原始,增殖力和免疫抑制性更强,无成体细胞环境或DNA损伤的影响,来源便捷。

          人羊膜上皮细胞具有干细胞的特性和多分化潜能, 并且具有一些优良特性。首先,羊膜上皮干细胞分泌丰富的生长因子,尤其是多种神经生长因子和神经递质,赋予其在神经功能调整和神经损伤修复上的特殊功效;其次,羊膜上皮干细胞来自于胚胎期,经历的细胞分裂代数比较少,突变积累程度相对低,因此安全性高; 还有,羊膜上皮干细胞端粒酶水平很低,分裂代数有限(5-8代),临床应用上无致瘤风险。功能?  通过分泌的细胞因子,激活患者自身的修复反应,促进损伤组织的血管形成、神经再生等过程;?  通过分泌的细胞因子,作用于机体的各个部分,增强机体的整体活力,延缓衰老,改善容颜;?  通过分泌的免疫抑制因子,控制和调节机体的免疫平衡,降低过度的炎症反应,减少损伤部位细胞的死亡数量。?  在特定微环境下可分化成皮肤细胞、肝脏细胞、血液细胞、骨细胞、神经细胞等体内各式各样功能细胞的能力。产品/技术优点制备技术成熟,细胞制剂质量好,分泌细胞因子丰富,功能强,安全性高。Human amniotic epithelial cells (hAECs)hAECs are pluripotent stem cells. hAECs secrete abundant nerve growth factors and neurotransmitters, in addition to general growth factors, to make the cells especially useful in neural function adjustment and nerve injury repairing. Because of at the stage of  embryo development, the cells have experienced relatively fewer cell divisions and accumulated a low degree of somatic mutation, implying low risk in application. Of note, hAECs possess very low telomerase activity, therefore, have limited division cycles (5-8 generations), an indication of free tumorogenic risk in clinical application.Features and functions1.    A rich mixture of cell growth factors from hASCs will activate damage fixing mechanisms in recipients, through promoting the vascular formation, nerve regeneration and other processes in injured tissues; 2.    A rich types of cell growth factors from hASCs will enhance body’s vitality, increase anti-aging capacity and improve facial appearance; 3.    Immunosuppressive factors from hASCs will play roles in controlling and regulating immune balance to inhibit excessive inflammation and thereby to reduce the cell mortality in the inflammatory sites; 4.Mesenchymal stem cells are heterogeneous cells of complex nature that show different potentials to differentiate into various cell types in specific microenvironment, including dermal fibroblast, hepatocytes, endothelial cells of the blood vessels, cardiac muscle, osteocyte, and neural cells. Highlights in our technology/products1.    Well tuned preparing technique;2.    Therefore, sustained and good quality of cell preparation.

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