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          ?  廣譜性殺傷腫瘤細胞,尤其是清除血液中的循環腫瘤細胞

          ?  通過分泌多種細胞因子激活和提高自身免疫系統的能力;

          ?  抑制腫瘤微轉移、復發,阻抑腫瘤的發展;

          ?  明顯提高患者生活質量,延長患者的生存期。


          l  細胞制品于2005年獲得中國國內**的國家食品藥品監督管理局臨床批文;

          l  細胞制品CD3+/CD56+雙陽率高,對癌細胞殺傷力強。

          DC-CIK technology platform

          DC-CIK, as clued by the name, is a mixture of immune effecter cells induced by cytokines and dendritic cells. The protocol includes, in the order, collection of blood from a donor, isolation of PBMC, separated induction and activation of DC and CIK from PBMC for a certain period of time, and then co-culturing of DC and CIK for another period of time until DC-CIK cell maturation for harvest. Our technology is highlighted by co-culture of dendritic cells and CIK cells, and such prepared DC-CIK cells have demonstrated to be powerful in tumor cell killing in vitro, and is expected to improve immune function and cancer prevention in vivo.

          Features and Function

          1.    Nonspecific, therefore, broad-spectrum of tumor cell killing activity, clean CTCs in blood;

          2.    Secrete a variety of cytokines upon activation; therefore, may function in immune-system

                 regulation in vivo;

          3.    May inhibit, in vivo, tumor cell minor metastasis, reduce recurrence, and development;

          4.    Improve cancer patients’ living quality, elongate patients’ survival term.

          Highlights in our technology/products

          1.    Co-culturing DC and CIK cells to render DC-CIK with high CD3 / CD56 double-positive ratio

                 in cell prepration, thus possessing powerful killing to cancer cells

          2.    The only cell products in China approved for clinical trial by State Food and Drug


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