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          自然杀伤细胞(Natural Killer CellNK)是机体重要的免疫细胞,来源于骨髓淋巴样干细胞,发育成熟依赖于骨髓和胸腺微环境,主要分布于外周血和脾,不表达特异性抗原识别受体,目前临床将TCRˉ、mlgˉ、CD56+、CD16+淋巴细胞鉴定为NK细胞。NK细胞可用于癌症防治和改善机体免疫功能。


          • 广谱性杀伤肿瘤细胞,尤其是清除血液中的循环肿瘤细胞;

          • 通过分泌多种细胞因子激活和提高自身免疫系统的能力;

          • 抑制肿瘤微转移、复发,阻抑肿瘤的发展;

          • 明显提高癌症患者生活质量,延长患者的生存期。


          • 在NK细胞培养过程中,不使用人肿瘤细胞作为滋(饲)养细胞,因此安全;

          • NK细胞制品纯度高、活性高,效果好。

          NK cells platform

              Natural Killer Cells (NK) are important immune cells in our body. They are derived from bone marrow lymphoid stem cells, fully developed by spinal marrow and thymus microenvironment, and mainly distributed in peripheral blood and spleen. It does not express specific antigen recognition receptors. Currently, TCR ˉ, mlg ˉ, CD56 +, CD16 + lymphocytes are identified as NK cells clinically. NK cells can be used for cancer prevention, be of potential for cancer treament, and improvement of immune function.

          Features and functions

          1.    Nonspecific, therefore, broad-spectrum of tumor cell killing activity;

          2.    Secrete a variety of cytokines upon activation, therefore, may function in immune-system

                 adjustment in vivo;

          3.    May inhibit, in vivo, tumor micro metastasis, reduce recurrence and development;

          4.    Improve cancer patients’ living quality, elongate patients’ survival term.

          Highlights in our technology/products

          1.    Our protocol does not use human tumor cells or transformed cells as trophoblastic cells in

                 NK cell culturing, so it is safe;

          2.    Our preparations consist of high purity, high activity of NK cells, and therefore highly

                 effective in anti-cancer.

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