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          TCR-T 細胞技術平臺

          我們的TCR-T技術是利用我們獨特的人工抗原提成細胞技術制備腫瘤特異性的CTLs, 然后從分離得到的單個抗原肽-Tetramer陽性的CTL細胞中測定其基因順序。運用DNA重組技術將克隆得到的高親和性的TCRα和β鏈基因片段插入到逆轉錄病毒或慢病毒等基因轉導載體中。通過不同基因轉導技術將TCR基因轉導至外周血T細胞,使其表達抗原特異性TCR,成為能夠特異性識別腫瘤抗原的CTL,體外擴增并回輸病人,達到體內殺死腫瘤細胞的作用。

          我們目前選擇的靶分子是NY-ESO-1,全稱New York esophageal squamous cell carcinoma 1,是腫瘤-**抗原(cancer-testis antigens,  CTA)家族重要成員之一。NY-ESO-1具有誘導體液免疫應答的能力, 也具有激活CD4 +和CD8 + T淋巴細胞的能力, 是到目前為止被發現的免疫原性*強大的腫瘤特異性抗原。NY-ESO-1在多種腫瘤細胞中都有表達,包括黑色素瘤、食道癌、膀胱癌、肺癌等。但 NY-ESO-1 在除**組織以外的正常組織不表達,**組織不表達 MHC  I 類及 II 類分子,所以不會被 T 細胞識別殺傷。正是由于這一特征,NY-ESO-1 成為了腫瘤免疫治療研究的熱點。


          l  保持TCR和共刺激因子相互作用的天然結構,既保留信號激活的強度,又保證了強度的控制,因而更強,更有效地激活重新編程的T細胞,也具有一定的安全性;

          l  高效的特異TCR克隆選擇系統;

          l  特異TCRCTL細胞表面的高密度表達,提高了對腫瘤特異識別和殺傷作用

          TCR-T Technology

              Our TCR-T technique is featured by using the patented artificial antigen presentation system to prepare tumor specific CTL cells. The sequences coding for TCRα and βsubunits are decoded and cloned from antigen peptide-Tetramer positive cells. The TCRα and β gene will then be inserted into retroviruses or lentiviruses derived vectors and transduced into peripheral blood derived T cells for high expression of antigen-specific TCR to become tumor-specific CTL clone (TCR-T) and to obtain potent tumor cell killing activity.

              Currently, we are focused on target molecule NY-ESO-1 (New York esophageal squamous cell carcinoma 1), an important member of cancer-testis antigens (CTA) family. NY-ESO-1 can induce humoral immune response and activate CD4+ and CD8+ T-lymphocytes. NY-ESO-1 is widely expressed in a variety of tumor cells such as melanoma, esophageal cancer, bladder cancer, lung cancer and exhibits, thus far, strongest immunogenicity among all tumor-specific antigens. NY-ESO-1 has not been detected in normal tissues except in testicular tissue. Testis cells do not express MHC-I and MHC-II molecules, thereby escaping T cell attack via NY-ESO-1 target. This unique property makes NY-ESO-1 a hotspot in tumor immunotherapy research.

          Technical features

          1.    Maintaining the natural structure of TCR for proper interaction with cofactors, not only

                 maintains the strength of activation signal, but also ensures the control of activation

                 strength, and thus manifests safety

          2.    Efficient and specific system of TCR cloning and screening

          3.    Higher expression of specific TCR enables CTLto recognizie and kill tumor cells with more



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