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          l  靶點不受MHC的限制;

          l  識別靶分子的親和力強,有效捕捉癌細胞;

          l  可設計成多靶點的CAR基因,減少或者消除細胞因子釋放癥的副作用;

          l  具有免疫記憶功能。

          CAR-T Technology

              Chimeric antigen receptors T cells (CAR-T) designates the technology that engineers receptors (usually single chain monoclonal antibody plus the sequence of T cell costimulatory domains) and expresses them on  T cells. Thus constructed CAR-T cells specifically recognize and kill tumor cells, as demonstrated in vitro and in vivo.

          Technical features

          1.    Targets are not restrained by MHC, broad-spectrum indications

          2.    Strong affinity to the target molecules on cancer cells, efficient killing of cancer cells in

                 culture or in circulating system;

          3.    can be designed to multiple target points and more accurate, to reduce side effects of

                 cytokine release

          4.    With immune memory function

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